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Startup system with softened water

With large volumes of water in specifically greenhouses where there is a large hot water storage tank we strongly recommend to fill the system with softened water if rainwater is not present. VulcanGT offers large rental units for which we can facilitate the initial filling of the system. For example if filled traditional with city water with a hardness of 125mg/l and the system contains 6,6 million liters there will be 825 kg of calcium introduced in the system. These deposits will build up on the hottest parts of the boiler resulting in efficiency loss and possible failure.
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Top-up heating system with permanent softener installed
VulcanGT offers softeners for permanent installation in case the heating system needs to be filled or if there is an addition to the heating system.
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Side stream filtration
VulcanGT offers INOX partial flow filters for single or multi housing with magnets from 4000 to 8000 gauss.

Side stream filters do not filter the entire volume of water but threat a portion of the system, this will improve the water quality over time, our filters have strong magnets in them to trap the iron particles that are present in heating system.

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Chemical dosing pump
VulcanGT offers easy to use dosing equipment with GEKA connector to inject water treatment products into the system.
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Water treatment
VulcanGT offers a wide variety in water treatment chemicals for your heating systems need. Each system will receive a tailor made recipe after taking a sample of the current condition and have it analyzed. This advise will be done by our partner Ciro Watertreatment that is specialized in large volume heating systems.
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